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We've ranked FxPro as the best futures trading site.

FxPro claims to be the no #1 forex broker on their homepage. Let's check its stats.

The stats show that FxPro awesome reviews on the PlayStore, which is also where most of its reviews are found. On the PlayStore, they've got 19,000 reviews and a total score of 4.6/5.0 - So, it get much better than that.

However, the website traffic stats of this forex broker shows just over 600,000 monthly visitors. Some of its competitors have millions of monthly vistors.

Overall Score: 1,411

Instrument Classes

  • Share 27 We checked for 54 share instruments and found 27 of those at FxPro
  • Crypto 27 We checked for 200 crypto instruments and found 27 of those at FxPro
  • Forex 39 We checked for 46 forex instruments and found 39 of those at FxPro
  • Commodity 12 We checked for 19 commodity instruments and found 12 of those at FxPro
  • Index 6 We checked for 14 index instruments and found 6 of those at FxPro

Instrument Types

  • Futures 8We checked for 333 popular instruments and found futures for 8 of those at FxPro
Website Visitors: 647,000/mo
TrustPilot Score: 4.40
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299 Reviews
PlayStore Score: 4.60
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19,000 Reviews
AppStore Score: 3.70
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9 Reviews

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