Otrai is a website made by the web development company called Alexiuz.

We check each trading site we include for over 330 instruments, including cryptos, shares, forex pais, and commodities. In addition to checking each instrument for different types like perpetual futures, spot, CFDs, ETFs, and more. We also manually dig out leverage information for each of these instruments and include that information in our lists.

Ranking Algorigthm

Considering Otrai features over 1,000 lists with top trading sites, we created a ranking algorithm to sort each list. The sites are scored and ranked based on their popularity according to number of website visitors, amount of reviews, and review scores.

Affiliate Partnerships

We are affiliate partners with most of the CFD brokers, crypto exchanges, and other trading sites. This does not impact the scoring and ranking of the trading sites.

If you are an affiliate yourself, you should check out our list of the best online trading affiliate programs on our other website.


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The Company

The company, Alexiuz own and manage a network of websites in a wide range of niches.

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Disclaimer: We do our best to keep this website accurate and up to date, but we cannot guarantee that it is. Please verify with official information before trading or investing using the brokers, exchanges, and other sites listed on this website.